Alert Alarm

Bold color for an interactive space.


When Alert Alarm relocated their headquarters, they purchased the property and built a new, two-story administration building, which is also the home for its call center. Office Pavilion Hawaii created a vibrant look for the new space, based off of Alert Alarm's logo colors—red and blue. The new space has two floors of work stations with over 30 low-profile L-shape, U-shaped and freestanding stations. The stations feature credenzas, dual and triple monitor arms, and keyboard trays. A variety of seating including task, side and conference chairs, pedestal filing with locks, and private office storage were integrated into the furniture plan.

“Alert Alarm Hawaii recently completed the construction of new facility that took two years from inception to completion. During this process Office Pavilion Hawai‘i spent a considerable amount of time understanding our 24/7 call center environment, our installation and service department needs, as well as the general office requirements, and designed specific work stations based on work flow, computer/telephone requirements and the overall ergonomics needed for each employee based on their daily activities. The end result is that our employee turnover and overall morale has improved considerably from historical rates—a direct result of Office Pavilion Hawai‘i’s efforts and the products they offer. I would invite any one to tour our facility and recommend Office Pavilion Hawai‘i to anyone looking to remodel or upgrade their facilities.”
Alert Alarm Roger Savage