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Service and Warranty

To keep your furniture looking good and in working order, we provide ongoing maintenance services in support of Herman Miller's 12-year, 3-shift warranty.

The in-house Service Department is located in the Sand Island area and occupies over a 9,000-square-foot space with adjoining office. The department is well equipped with various tools and moving equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Office Pavilion owns five vehicles and has accounts with rental agencies for access to additional vehicles, as needed for project requirements. There is also a fully equipped service van containing chair parts and other miscellaneous parts utilized by our Service Punch Technician to repair many products on the spot.

The Service Department is committed to a safe working environment, providing regular safety training courses and certification in forklift driving, CPR/AED, and first aid, as well as being equipped with mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our proactive focus on accident prevention and safety is reflected in our low workers’ compensation claims and NCCI experience ratings. The department has a contractor’s license to install moveable walls and the President of Operations has completed the Corps of Engineers Training Course for “Construction Quality Management for Contractors.” The Service and Quality Assurance Manager attends regular OSHA certification courses to maintain current safety and industry knowledge.

Herman Miller’s 12-year, 3-shift warranty, which includes parts and labor, is one of the best in the industry. We have a full-time Service Punch Technician whose primary role is dedicated to taking care of customers’ existing products that they purchased from Office Pavilion Hawaii. The Service Punch Technician works closely with the Project Manager for Operations to identify parts needed for repair. We stock key parts and are able to promptly complete many repairs. These parts are also stored in our dedicated service vehicle that is on-call during regular business hours.