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We use DIRTT’s proprietary software to help design, manufacture and install fully customized interior environments.

Take the stress out of construction. And do it cleaner, faster and more sustainably.​

DIRTT is your multi-trade solution for interior construction from conception to completion. Walls, doors, casework, integrated technology, power, networks and more are all rapidly designed and built with extreme precision in DIRTT factories. Then, they're shipped to site for a clean install.

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Ever wondered how DIRTT works? Here it is. From the idea to the factory to the final space, this is how we do it.

​Build flexible spaces

DIRTT’s modular solutions are durable and flexible. They stay resilient over time so you can meet your needs today and adapt to whatever comes next. Reconfigure your space with little disruption and downtime, reducing your ongoing expenses and maintenance budget.

Create sustainable spaces

DIRTT's prefabricated solutions are built for adaptability and reuse. They can be modified as your businesses changes. This eliminates the need to tear down and rebuild your space resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of raw materials that fill our landfills from conventional construction.

Click here for more on building sustainably with DIRTT.

Want to Do It Right This Time?

​We’re your local DIRTT experts with the tools and know-how to harness the cost, schedule and performance benefits of DIRTT. Connect with us today to start your next project.

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