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Resources for Architects & Designers

Office Pavilion Hawaii support Hawaii's Architecture and Design community through in-house services and various resources.

My Resource Library

Browse our digital library of manufacturer binders, a one-stop shop product reference.

Visit our digital library.

System Furniture Typicals

Download and modify these typicals to facilitate the specification process.

Browse typicals.

Revit Architecture

Make planning easier with loose furniture, typical workstations, and healthcare applications.

Access Revit and AutoCAD tools.

Continuing Education Units

Sign up for self-study courses in design, sustainability, innovation, reflection, and cultivation.

Learn more about CEUs.

Materials and Textiles

We offer high-quality materials and high-performance textiles to meet various application needs.

Browse our Design Resource Materials.

Image Library

Looking for a product image or for some inspiration?

Check out our Image Library.

Living Office Design Solutions

Thought starters and solutions to enrich your workplace designs.

Get inspired.