Hensel Phelps Honolulu Office

An office to be proud of - beautiful, functional...and the winner of GCA Build Hawaii 2019!

Hp Wall 7326

Completed in early 2019, this stunning renovation project was accomplished in partnership with local firm, GD Design. Hensel Phelp's goal was to combine two separate offices into one unified work area with a congruent feeling. Glenn Yokotake from GD Design describes Hensel Phelp's vision as "an office space they could be proud of, to showcase their craftsmanship and quality, and to host industry events...and (to have a space) that supported their daily workflow and processes."

The office space is beautiful as well as functional, featuring floor to ceiling movable glass walls which let in lots of natural light and provide the option to easily reconfigure spaces in the future. The conference room is enclosed with floor to ceiling glass “walls”, made by Muraflex, that can fold back all the way to completely open up the conference room space. The private offices and about half the workstations feature height-adjustable worksurfaces to promote flexible working and a healthier working place.

Geiger was designed into the private offices, which include back-painted glass board overheads and walnut veneer. Other notable products include Canvas Office workstations with glass and tackable tiles and custom laminate worksurfaces, Public Office seating, classic Eames Molded Plywood chairs, Eames Management conference chairs, Aeron chairs, Tu filing, Flo monitor arms and laptop arms, and Magis Puppys.